B-A-B-Y Foods

Been a real long time, well its been years I posted anything new or updated this blog. In fact I did not care to even wander and peek at the site, but it often tickled my mind that I should return to blog because frankly I loved it when I did it and now I want to experience the same again!

To mark my return and to make a note of how things have drastically changed in the years that I'm been away, I have in this post a few baby foods. I'm just listing the ingredients for each dish not any exact specifics on measure. I started to feed boiled and blended food to my LO at 6months.

A few things that I add to every of her meal - 1 spoon ghee, pinch salt, 2 pinches turmeric and pinch of ajwain powder(bishop's weed, caraway, carom seeds). Also I use the water that is used for boiling either to blend the food or put it away in fridge for later use.

Here it goes....

 Drinks(fresh made) 
orange\mandarin juice - slice up vertically, remove rind, blend and drain. Dilute with water. 
water melon juice - de-seed, blend and drain
grape juice - blend, drain and keep aside the remains. Nutritious can be used with cereal.

snow peas - boil, blend and drain. Add pinch salt, butter and turmeric.
apple + sweet potato - When these are boiled for meals they leave a lot of flavored water, which can be used as broth.

raspberry + cereal 
papaya + cereal 
plum + cereal 
apple + almond 
grapes juiced remains + cereal  
cantaloupe + cereal 
melon + cereal
bajra powder + turmeric+ ghee + jaggery + water + milk  (bajra - Pearl Millet)
     -- slightly roast 2 spoons bajra powder 
     -- add 1 spoon ghee and 1 spoon jaggery
     -- once the jaggery melts, add turmeric and 1/4 cup water (add as needed for desired consistency)
     -- mix few spoons of milk before feeding.

Papaya + kale + carrot + milk 
potato + carrots + milk 
spinach + sweet potato 
butternut squash + spinach 
beet + carrot 
beet + papaya 
butternut squash + papaya 
spinach + papaya + cereal 
avocado + beet 
avocado + papaya 
roasted rava + water + jaggery 
potato + milk 
cabbage + carrot 
sweet potato + lima beans 
peas + cereal + honey 
potato + cashew 
mushroom + butternut squash 
carrot + papaya 
butternut squash + carrots + raisins   
carrots + pasta + raisins + ginger 
raspberry + potato + spinach 
spinach + mushroom + ginger + cereal 
rutabaga + dried apricot + dates 
plantain slice + 2-3 pineapple chunk + carrots 
apple + butternut squash + spinach 
avocado(unripe-boil)+boiled egg yolk 
carrot + spinach + boiled egg yolk 
yellow squash + sweet potato + soaked(overnight) lima beans 
beetroot + mango 
spaghetti squash  + sesame seeds + carrots 
apple + sesame seeds + spaghetti squash 
zucchini + cheese + apple 
yellow cherry tomatoes + sesame seeds + butter 
potato + boiled egg yolk 

It'll keep going for a few more months to come.... she has started to eat most bland table food, which includes Olive Garden bread and minestrone soup! Looking forward for the days when she and myself are going to sit cuddled on the sofa watching a random cartoon, with a big bowl of popcorn and some warm brownie to finish off with.....

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