Windows 8 Sucks... Really?

Within a couple of hours that Windows 8 was launched, I've been reading reviews of how much it sucks, how senseless it is, such a difficult and complex thing, just a total failure and another disaster feather to add to Microsoft's fame! Phew, I agreed and believed these reviews, in fact even though I had not explored Windows 8 myself, I still strongly(very strongly) felt that this better be a failed product and save me the effort of exploring it.

As time passed, home came Windows 8 tablet with touchscreen. Picked it up with hesitation and thoughts of how much this product is inefficient, freshly resonating in my mind. The next 30-45minutes I felt like a super-intelligent-champ, not because I loved or mastered using the tablet, but because I was a total mess at it. Now, why would not knowing to use a product make me feel good? well the reason to this is, I pictured I was one among those "smart" people who labeled Windows 8 a disaster. Funny how one's mind is tuned, if you are not capable of working with something, then its not your weakness but the fact is that, that 'something' is faulty.

Anyway, so I stepped aside, head held high feeling superb and walked away, when I noticed our iPad. The iPad had come home couple of months ago. I did not have much inclination toward it. Even though I've heard countless praises about the product for years, I still did not much understand how I could put it to use for my personal use. I figured this was because of being accustomed to using Windows for years. This is when the thought struck to me, is Windows 8 really bad? or is it me who H-A-T-E-S change? Even if the change is for being efficient, organized and better at work, I still resist it? Would that be possible or is that all it is? Quickly my mind rushed back 2 years ago when we purchased the first iPad. We tested it for a week and at the end of the week still unaware to nail down as to what 'that thing' really was good for, we returned it. That version of iPad did not even have the multitask capability! So it left home a week later. This time, the one we got about 6 months ago, is being used by my husband since he needed it for an app that he was working on, but I still don't have any liking for it.

So, back I went to our Win8 tablet, this time with a totally clear mind, no memories of reviews or older Windows versions, nothing at all. Started looking at it as a new product from some new brand. An hour or so into it I was digging it! I think I love it as much as I'd love any other tablet. I'm not used to any fancy apps or games or music\movies, just routine everyday things and I can do them quite well on the Win8 tablet. I love how I can opt to save my docs locally as well as directly on Skydrive and access it later remotely. Not like this was impossible with a regular PC, but I like it better via the Win8 Tablet. easy to use, sleek and manageable. Now did I like timeline on facebook? No. Did I like the new look of Gmail? No. Did I like changing diapers of a new born for the first few weeks? No. I just liked nothing that required me to change... same it is with Windows 8.

Now it been 2 months that have used Win8 tablet, everyday I still learn an alternate or better way of doing things as intended to be done rather than following the traditional ways that I'm used to. Happy? Yes I am and I'm looking forward to when I'd mastered the use of it as I've mastered spending time on Facebook! But, just as those wonderful days would become routine, I'll have before me something new to explore....